Let NORREQ take care of all equipment and other services

NORREQ shall, through HR services, deliver agreed equipment and services to candidates in permanent and temporary positions who are out working for our customers, so that it can also be arranged for work in rotation. An excellent way for our customers to be able to focus on what they can do – and we can do the rest!


NORREQ ensures that the employee disposes of housing throughout the entire agreement period. NORREQ provides emergency furniture and bedding. Accommodation addresses can be freely changed during the contract period if the place of work should change.


NORREQ ensures that the employee at all times has a complete set of the right tools to carry out the job the employee must perform.


NORREQ ensures that the employee has available transport from home to the workplace. When using a car, this can be distributed among several employees at the same workplace. Where Route cards or other means of transport are appropriate, this will be arranged.

Work clothes

NORREQ ensures that the candidate has sufficient work clothes according to the conditions/season, which is replaced when worn. Delivered without logo (employer provides reflective vest with logo where this is required)


NORREQ ensures that it has its own warehouse for tools that are replaced in the event of theft, wear and tear, or otherwise. NORREQ also has backup for all equipment so that if problems arise with housing, car, or other equipment, this will be replaced immediately.

NORREQ will also arrange for pick-ups at the airport and be helpful in arranging for rotational work and applications for average calculation from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority where this is not in place with the employer.


We assist with various applications and documents such as:

  • Average calculation of working hours
  • D. no
  • HMS card


We can help you and facilitate:

  • Review of laws and regulations in your company/project
  • Various courses (lift, hot works, tools, etc.)