We recruit talented candidates for several types of positions throughout the country.

We at NORREQ want to be an important partner and will connect the best candidates with the right employer in a professional way. We look forward to assisting you in this important process and to ensuring your success further into the future. With the right person in the right place!

NORREQ offers recruitment of both temporary and permanent positions for the private and public sectors. Since our inception in 2014, we have recruited skilled workers for new and regular customers and have assisted in getting many hundreds of people into work. Through our network and structured recruitment processes, we are a safe and competent recruitment partner who keeps what we promise.

A complete recruitment process

Our recruitment includes the entire process from when the need arises until the candidate is in place in your company. We help your company with clarification of needs, advertisement of the position, selection of marketing packages, processing of applications, interviews, careful reference checks, selection, and finally employment. Through our thorough recruitment process, analytical appearance, and good assessments, you can be confident that you will find the right person for your company and that ethical and legal guidelines will be followed.

Long experience and broad expertise

NORREQ has extensive experience in recruiting skilled workers and has particularly good expertise in recruiting plumbers, electricians, welders, and mechanics. We also recruit skilled workers from abroad such as Poland, Romania, Estonia, and Lithuania, and here you will also gain access to our extensive national and international recruitment network. We continuously work to attract attractive candidates and our databases contain candidates in several industries and job categories.

With a combination of good interview techniques and strong professional expertise, we will also be able to give you good advice in relation to the applicants’ development potential and thus a better understanding of which candidates have the greatest prerequisites for success in the position and in your company. Here we also take into account culture and background, which are factors that play a role in the desired behavior and which are also important for the candidate to fit into the company.

We recruit particularly within

  • Skilled labor with special expertise in
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Mechanics
    • Welders
    • Tinsmith
  • Transportation and logistics
    • Drivers
    • Warehouse workers
  • Assemblers and technicians
    • Solar panels
    • Glass facades
  • Sales and customer support
    • Sales engineers